Monday, February 25, 2008

Won and Took It All

Vladimir KlitschkO barely took a punch and was unmarked while winning a unanimous decision Saturday night, defending his IBF title and claiming Ibragimov's WBO belt in the first heavyweight unification fight in nearly nine years.
"I'm happy to have three belts," Klitschko said, who also holds the IBO title. "I'm happy to get the WBO belt back. That was the first title I had." "He was very difficult to fight," Vladimir said. "He kept backing off. He's very careful,
but the result counts."

Don Ackerman scored it 119-110 for Klitschko, while Chuck Giampa scored the fight 117-111
and Steve Weisfeld scored Klitschko 118-110. The Associated Press also scored it for
Klitschko, 119-109. See video below:


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