Thursday, May 8, 2008

One Inch Hammer fist

Hammer Fist strike

A strike using the bottom of a clenched fist, with an action like swinging a hammer, but it
can also be used horizontally like a back fist strike using the bottom fist or meaty part of the
fist. The elbow is the hinge or fulcrum, the forearm is the handle, and the fist the hammer in this

This strike will not damage the bones of the hands as there is no compression of the knuckles
or metacarpals, and there is no leverage to bend the wrist. However, injuries can occur when
martial artists fail to use proper care when breaking. So remember to exercise care when
performing these and any other strikes.*Warning-These
techniques are attempted by the viewer at their own risk.

The hammer fist strikes baseball sized areas on the body, hence is particularly effective for
striking the Occipital, the temples, the nose, the mandible, the wrist (for blocking punches),
the sternum, and the ear. The hammer fist is sometimes used during "ground-and-pound"
striking in mixed martial arts to avoid damaging the bones of the hand.

Unlike traditional martial arts the strike shown here is performed off the front foot and lead hand.
In order to maintain the one inch it requires the martial artist to bring the elbow down as the
hips spin and move forward behind the elbow. The strike is both horizontal and down at impact.

In traditional Martial Arts the hammer fist is performed off the back leg and the striking hand will be
on the same side as the back leg. Face forward with your feet shoulders' width apart. Step forward
on one leg with your knee bent. Your back leg will be straight (front stance).Form the striking hand
into a fist. Remember to keep your thumb on the outside of your fist, curved over the index finger.

Raise your fist above and behind the same-side shoulder, with the bottom of your hand facing up
and out. Strike forward and downward in a circular arc to the target, striking with the bottom (fleshy)
part of the fist.

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