Thursday, September 6, 2007

Boxing-Lennox Lewis and Bob Barker retired

The tail of two Barks or is it tale?

Bob Barker was a host for the Price is Right.
A TV games show in the USA.
Barker is an old english name for a salesman.
Webster's dictionary "especially : a person who
advertises by hawking at an entrance to a show."
Bob as it turns out was a pretty good Barker and
remained on TV for 50 years. Bob turns 83 Dec 12
and says "I've decided to retire while I'm
still young," .

Lennox Lewis was a boxer who is now a barker
for HBO. Lennox now talks up fights for HBO,
he is now a barker of sports. Lennox barked alot
about a rematch with Vitali KlitschKO in a post
fight interview in 2003. He said " And, you know,
if he wants a rematch, there’s no problem with
that. Yeah, I’ll have . . . I’m happy to give him a
rematch, because I’ll bust up the other side of
his face too." Listen, if the money is right . . .
you just heard me say it. You know, I’m
happy to bust up the other side of his face.
There’s no problem." Pro Vitali fans are hoping
Lewis was barking up a rematch when he said
those words. "You Know" sellin the fight.
Wouldn't it be great if we could
see Bob Barker and Lennox Lewis come out of
retirement togeher. You know, and hear Bob say
"Lennox Lewis" " The price is right" "come
on down".

In a sense you see
we're all barkin here.
Yeah, we're barkin for a fight.
Bring the big dog back.

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