Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1 Inch Break-Short Range Power

Technique-1 inch break. *Warning-These techniques are attempted by the viewer at their own risk.
The break is executed from the infighting range. The break is performed here with a martial arts glove to add to the difficulty of the break. The hand is open at the beginning with fore knuckles resting on the board and closed before the board is struck. The hand being open at the beginning is a non essential part of the technique. It's purpose here is only to provide the 1 inch spacing. However the technique can be applied utilizing the fore knuckles thus increasing the range from which the user is able to strike. When using the fore knuckles one should be cautious to strike only soft tissue areas until the hands have been hardened.The wrist is snapped upward upon striking the board. This is not however intended to demonstrate a 1 inch JKD punch. This punch can be utilized in a clinch or when crowded by an opponent.
The technique is performed here using the rear hand and is executed off the rear leg. The hip is snapped inward and the torso upward with the body aligning itself with the fist behind the elbow and shoulder prior to striking.